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How do you comfort a JavaScript bug? You console it.


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Experienced Front-End Software Engineer specializing in React and Angular. Proficient in utilizing Git for version control and project management tools like Jira. Passionate about crafting user-friendly and visually appealing web applications. Continuously seeking innovative solutions and staying updated with industry trends. Outside of work, I enjoy indulging in anime and old series, as well as exploring nature through trekking and mountain adventures.

Currently working   @Accenture | ATS


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Welcome to the most fascinating section, and as you'll see (at least I hope), the early years were filled with diverse technologies and knowledge, leading me to find my path at @Go Reply. The timeline starts from my latest experience (Current) and takes you back to the very beginning of how I embarked on this wonderful journey in the world of programming.

** Ass === Adventures in Successful Sprees

Accenture | Front-End Software Engineer

This section will be enriched and improved in the near future.

Start on July 2021 - Based on Rome, Italy | Actual

My Accenture journey began with a bang on July 26, 2021. 2 transformative years exploring tech, focusing on Front-End. Collaborated with fantastic colleagues, gaining invaluable insights into corporate dynamics.

Skills: TypeScript · HTML5 · Ant Design · React.js

Dst | Front-End Software Engineer

External Consultant for Go Reply

Started on February 2020 - Based in Milan, Italy

Skills: Project Management · Project planning · Agile and waterfall methodologies

Parallel Education | Learning by Sharing

Platform dedicated to mutual teacher training and formative assessment of students. Platform dedicated to mutual teacher training and formative assessment of students.

Skills: Angular 10 · TypeScript · Bootsrtap 4.5 · SCSS · HTML

FCA Fiat Pro by E-Ducato, Fleet Management - Enhancing Fleet Efficiency and Analysis

The web app serves businesses with a fleet of combustion- engine vans.It enables them to simulate journeys, highlighting the new Fiat model's advantages and drawbacks. The app includes a 'Live Trips' section, where unique codes are generated for drivers to use on their mobile devices. After each trip, comprehensive statistics are provided for analysis.

Skills: Angular 10 · Ng-charts · Bootstrap 4.5 · Angular Material

FCA Fiat / Jeep Dealer - Electric Vehicle Purchase Analysis

The Web App enables car dealers to gain insights into customer preferences and requirements when purchasing electric vehicles. It provides a comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages of buying an electric car, considering the customer's usage and travel patterns.

Skills: Angular 9 · Bootstrap 4.5 · PrimeNG

FCA Workplace Reservation Tool

The tool allows users to reserve office desks or parking spots for specific dates or a series of days. Users can cancel or modify their own reservations and can also book on behalf of others through Google Groups integration.

Skills: Vue.js · GCP (Google Cloud Platform) · Firebase · Bootstrap 3.3 · Vuetify

Vodafone ReteSicura | Digital Privacy & Security

I worked on the restyling of the 'Digital Privacy & Security' service, a section of the mobile app that provides connection protection.

Skills: AngularJS · HTML · CSS

Software Developer

Company: Dst - Design Strategy Technology

Started on October 2018- Based on Rome, Italy

DSTech (now known as DST) was my launching pad, the company that allowed me to explore various programming languages and approaches. It provided me with valuable work experience and insights into the dynamics of the corporate world."

Skills: TypeScript · HTML5 · WordPress · Python · SCSS · Angular · JavaScript · Bootstrap and | Website Restructuring and Management

Utilized WordPress with the Elementor page builder for the complete restructuring of the Fortuneita website and managed Acquired proficiency whit ads, seo, and others WordPress library/plugin.

Skills: PHP · JavaScript · jQuery · WordPress · Elementor

Torino Airport | E-Commerce Development

Collaborated on the implementation of the e-commerce platform with external services like WIB Machines and Designa. The website offers various airport services for purchase, including parking rentals, digital services, and food from digital lockers.

Skills: PHP · JavaScript · Magento2

Internal Project | Employee Leave and Permission Management

Developed an internal management system for employee leave and permissions. The system allowed employees to select their leave and permission dates using a calendar interface. It was designed with multiple roles, including employees, project managers, and managers, for request approvals.

Skills: Angular 7 · TypeScript · Angulat Material · Java